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What is Naviance?

Naviance is a customized, secure website that supports post-secondary, college and career planning. It is designed to assist students and their parents/guardians in making informed decisions about college opportunities and career choices. This online resource allows Juniors and Seniors the ability to research colleges, view statistical and historical data on other DSHS students anonymously, build a resume, take a career interest inventory, view the schedule of college representatives visiting the high school and much more.

Naviance is offered as a complement to the series of individual and group meetings that are available to students and families in partnership with the Guidance Department. Naviance is only one tool to be consulted during the college planning process! Some specific resources on Naviance include:

  • College Search:  This tool allows users to enter criteria such as size, location, cost, availability of specific majors or athletic programs and a list will be provided that meets these criteria. 

  • College Lookup: This tool provides comprehensive information on thousands of US colleges and universities. A link to each college’s website is also provided. 

  • College Compare: This feature allows students to compare how your standardized testing scores and your GPA fare against the colleges that you have selected.

  • Scattergram: This tool provides a graphical view of application outcomes (accepted, denied, waitlisted) at a specific college, using the GPA and SAT scores for DSHS students. It does not provide data on students from other high schools.

How do students access Naviance? Can parents also access it?

Naviance can be accessed directly by going to The site can also be accessed via the DSHS website under Guidance under College Information under Naviance.  Students receive instruction on establishing a Naviance account during 8th grade. Parents receive email instructions on how to access their child’s Naviance account in the fall of freshman year. Please contact if assistance accessing Naviance is required.

When can students first access Naviance?

Students are initially introduced to Naviance in 8th grade and are provided with instruction to establish a Naviance account. Freshmen also work with school counselors to begin exploring the “About Me” section of the website. “About Me” includes tools to explore personality and career interests and provides assistance in researching possible careers and connected college majors.