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For a listing of open and closed facilities please click here

1. Nora Searle Field and Track (155 Farm Street, Dover)  
Fall:  Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer, Football, Varsity Field Hockey
Spring:  Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Boys and Girls Track and Field

2. Farm Street Field (155 Farm Street, Dover)
Fall:  Boys and Girls JV Soccer
Spring:  Girls JV & Varsity Lacrosse

3. Farm Street Softball Field (155 Farm Street, Dover)
Spring:  Varsity Softball

4. Farm Street Baseball Fields (155 Farm Street, Dover)
Spring:  JV and Varsity Baseball

5. Farm Street Lower Grass Field (155 Farm Street, Dover)
Fall:  JV Field Hockey, JV Soccer

6. DS Tennis Courts (155 Farm Street, Dover)
Spring: JV & Varsity Tennis

7. DS Boosters Upper Fields #1, #2, #3 (155 Farm Street, Dover)
Fall:  Boys and Girls Cross Country Course, practice fields for boys soccer
Spring:  practice fields for boys lacrosse and distance track and field

8. Richard Wakely Gymnasium (9 Junction Street, Dover)
Winter:  Boys and Girls Basketball

9. Junction Street Grass Field (9 Junction Street, Dover)
Fall:  Football